Why should you opt for 24Option ?

24Option is the new kid on the block but despite the fact that this binary options broker has only recently entered the market, it is already one of the public’s favorites. The periodic bonuses that the broker offers for both new and existing customers are just one of the reason, for why the number of users is constantly on the rise. Since 2010, 24Option’s state-of-the-art trading platform and amazing choice of binary options convinced prospective traders that this is the best place to start their career.

Plenty of underlying assets to choose from

pic1cThere are basically two reasons for why people prefer binary options to regular Forex trading and these are the diversity and simplicity. The option can only finish in or out of the money and the traders don’t need to predict the extent to which an asset will gain or lose worth, only if it surpasses or not the strikeprice. The diversity is an even more powerful reason for choosing binary options, and 24Option enables its customers to choose between currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities. Binary options can be purchased immediately and liquidated in the best hours of trading, therefore profits are maximized.

24Option has a minimum deposit of only $250, which is below what most binary options brokers require and this makes it an excellent place for beginners. Before they invest more money, rookies want to see some concrete results and thanks to the reliable trading platform and advanced trading tools, they are very likely to get them. Among these tools it is worth mentioning the 60 Seconds Trading, One Touch and High Yield Options, as all of them are prone to generate profit when implemented correctly.

Consistent service for both demo and real accounts

Some companies who are offering their services to the public, will have the options brokers answering very fast to inquiries made before the account is created. Soon after you sign up with them the responses will come slightly slower and since real money are now involved, the consequences can be dire. With 24Option users will enjoy the same reliable service for both demo and real accounts and customer support is famous for the prompt answers and courteous service.

Last but not least, the best 24Option is a binary options broker that offers competitive spreads, which translates into less money spent, and more available to be invested. The software used by the broker is just as important and it is unacceptable for trading to be slowed down by technical glitches. So far views are very favorable and most of the customers rank 24Option’s platform and software near the top of the list.  In 2016, over 58% of binary options traders decided to go with 24Option broker, which points out 24Option’s professional service. This says enough about the reputation of this broker so you will not make a mistake if you decide to go with it – matter of fact, you will make one of your best moves!